How will OLED flexible display, transparent display and other display technologies develop in the future?

On May 22, 2019, the first "global display industry spring data trend Conference (2019)" hosted by Langfang Municipal People's government and China Optical Optoelectronic Industry Association liquid crystal branch (coda) was held in the South Beijing Science and technology innovation center of Gu'an. Eleven well-known consulting institutions from China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States and other regions, well-known global display industry enterprises, domestic and foreign industry organizations, and Finance More than 200 guests from institutions and well-known industry media gathered to share their unique views on the upstream, middle and downstream industry chains of the display industry, to discuss the development opportunities and future of the global display industry, and to make suggestions and suggestions for the development of China's display industry.

At this meeting, Mr. Liang Xinqing, executive vice president and Secretary General of liquid crystal branch of China Optoelectronic Industry Association, pointed out:

After decades of development, the scale of global display industry has exceeded 100 billion US dollars. Various display technologies, such as liquid crystal, led, laser, electronic paper, etc., are competing for development, especially innovative display technologies such as OLED flexible display and transparent display, profoundly changing the traditional display application form, and the display industry has entered an important period of transformation and upgrading. In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of the display industry, open the "ubiquitous screen" era of all things display, timely release the information related to the display industry, and help enterprises and governments make scientific decisions, the liquid crystal branch of China Optical Optoelectronic Industry Association, together with the upstream and downstream global institutions of the industry chain, held this conference, and invited the world-famous display industry information institutions, focusing on domestic and global, and Total industry data, interpretation of development trends, release of China's new display industry Blue Book (2018-2018).